Monday, February 8, 2010


Now, I understand that Spain is going through a tough moment- crisis wise and all, and communication departments all around are suffering from this, but seriously, what
is that??!

On a recent trip to Madrid I came out of a metro station to choke on this LOEWE ad. Well first: The brand has consistently been using a very elegant & quite sober Tone-of-Voice, their ads, products and stores are predominantly on the warm side, with extensive use of browns, earth tones, dark purples, reds, etc- So I really don't understand why the perfume is 1-Toxic green, 2- Why is it called "Aire Loco"...or "Crazy Air", oh and 3-The type, it looks like the kind they would use for some teen-brand, not a "sophisticated" grown-up one- It definitely doesn't communicate Luxury to me. As far as brand identity goes, these 3 elements have no connection whatsoever with the main collections' campaigns or anything. Second, what's up with the knee licking??

I suggest HR should really start rethinking their hiring criteria.

Main collection campaign:

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