Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Savannah Wyatt Rocks!

Freaky cool video!...and quickly becoming one of my favorites! Very Pugh-sy/ Ruth Hogben in a way. And I'm totally into the Spiked Headband. Of course I am!. Available on Not Just A Label, the Brooklyn-based designer notes "Nice to wear to a death metal show". Sure.
The amazing photography was done by Emily Searle and the video- appropriately named "BLACK AS BLACK", was produced/art directed by Bon Duke.

For obvious reasons, it makes me think of sea creatures covered in oil...better yet, oil-covered sea monsters!

By the way, I had never been on Not Just A Label before (or knew about it), and I'm really impressed with the merch they have. Apparently they specialize in small avant-garde designer brands and limited/special edition pieces. Definitely worth a visit!

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