Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday Afternoon in Milan

Pink Escargots!
Walking around Piazza della Scala we found it invaded by these 6 1/2 -foot-tall, 10-feet-long snails. Created by the Italian Cracking Art Group, apparently they are an artsy message to the people in Milan to slow down. (ANSA) Also, they are supposed to be part of a 120-snail army for an Expo the city will host in 2015.
In the news it says they came out since November 2009.....but I think I would've noticed them had they been there before. Hmm.

Aspesi Store in via Monte Napoleone:
And very exciting news!!: I just saw that Marc by Marc Jacobs will be opening soon in Milan at Piazza del Carmine : ) Can't wait.

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