Wednesday, February 24, 2010

POP: 2 Sides, 1 Glossy Experience

The internet is not going to substitute print. At least not smart and cool glossies like POP or LOVE or DAZED or AnOther or V. Internet instead can compliment an editorial and/or promote a new issue: On print you can get, well... the photos, the full interviews, the beautiful layouts. Online, you can see a shoot's video.... and lately, video teasers or commercials.

Richard Prince created the latest cover of POP, with model Abbey Lee Kershaw as his cowgirl. But beyond the cover and a poster, you can also see her online on a video teaser and "interact" with her through motion detection (on your computer or through Pop's iPhone App)- in a new Augmented Reality (AR) initiative from the magazine [].

I still can't get my webcam working, but the Issue if full of Markers included on different editorials. I'm adding here a scan of the instructions page, and will be reporting on my "augmented experience" once I figure out how to do it. But so far it seems like fun, and smart, and engaging.

Images taken from POP Magazine Issue 22 and

Here's the Teaser:

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