Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Burberry Prorsum in 3-D

When I hear 3-D, it brings back memories from when I was really really young. I remember, perhaps during the early 90's, going to a 3-D theater in Walt Disney, Florida (...or was it MGM Studios?) and watching MJ's Thriller and Hitchcock's The Birds with those blue and red paper shades. Yes, the deam birds were flying at me and it was really scary!

So about 20 years later, well, the times they are a-changin'.... and 3-D audiences are no longer wearing bermudas or fanny-packs (Thank God!). Since last season, Burberry has been transmitting its Prorsum runway shows live through the specially created website- This year, however, the brand aimed to present the A/W 2010-11 collection "globally". So lucky VIPs and magazine editors (..and buyers?) where invited to Experience-the-show-live-in-3D Events in Dubai, Tokyo, L.A, New York and Paris (All at the same time except L.A. due to time difference). Fun! ...and as expected, it's been all over the fashion news.

At least these shades look a bit more sophisticated than the discardable paper ones!

Photo by Thomas Iannaccone via WWD. New York Audience at Skylight Studio

It's all very modern in terms of communication, but it all sounds very retro to me. Well, the new part is the live-streaming, but it still makes me wonder why no-one has thought about bringing 3-D to fashion before. It's been here since forever! Ok, maybe because it could suck... but brands like Alexander McQueen and Diesel have used holograms in their shows before (quite beautifully), so maybe a mix of runway + 3-D (alongside- not 'Live' in another city) could be something new to think about.

About the video.... there were some product close-ups during the beginning (Pre-show segment), yet seeing them from my computer didn't mean much. But they were created to be seen on a large screen and in 3-D, so I wonder how the materials popped-out and "felt" to the shades-wearing-guests. Maybe this, more than runways shows, could be translated into online product communication. Of course it would require you getting your pair of blue and red shades- hmm... maybe at the brand's stores or shops-in-shops, maybe they could come inside a glossy. But seeing apparel, shoes or bags in 3-D- with rotating and zoom-in functions... from home, seems like a cool way to go.

Ok I might be babbling.... but I'm trying to think of other possible uses for this technique, since the Live 3-D thing can get old very quick. Live-streaming was news last season, this year it's a given...

The sheepskin coats were definitely the stars of the show, and looking at the Live-Feed, I could tell I wasn't the only one thinking just that!

So, while I keep on thinking of the possibilities of 3-D in fashion, you can start by watching the show on I'll put it up once Burberry adds it on its Youtube Channel.

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